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Creating Tranquil & Functional Spaces

Organizing is a true love for me. I enjoy taking on all kinds of organizing challenges – even the ones that aren’t so pretty. Throughout our lives, we tend to accumulate a lot of material things and they can be hard to manage. My job is to help you make that load lighter, create systems that work for you, and manage anything you let go of in a responsible manner. I specialize in creating tranquil and functional spaces. I have a calling to help others during life transitions such as parenting (from 0 to empty nest), moving, downsizing, and loss of a loved one. 

If an organizing challenge has you feeling overwhelmed, I’m here to take on that burden and make the process as painless as possible. I offer a complimentary in-person (in the Greater Washington, DC area) or virtual consultation where we will review your specific needs, budget, and timeline. After that initial meeting, we will embark on making your life easier and lighter. 

Elizabeth Montoya

Founder, Brave Organizing


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