A few organizing products I would rather not live without:

Brother P-Touch Label Maker

It’s amazing how labels can help everyone in your household find what they need and put it back in the right place. Labels are especially helpful in pantries, playrooms, linen closets, storage closets, bathrooms, and garages. The Brother P-touch Label Maker is my favorite because it’s easy to use, offers different fonts and font sizes, switches easily from clear tape to other colors, and it even has emojis.

Shelf Dividers

Make better use of your shelves and vertical space by installing shelf dividers. A great benefit to shelf dividers is that they can easily be moved as your needs change. Shelf dividers for wire shelving are also available.

Shelf Risers

Turn one shelf into two by adding a shelf riser. These are especially great for kitchens and bathrooms. Shelf risers for wire shelving are also available.

Trays and Lazy Susans

Gathering items together on a tray or lazy Susan instantly makes a space look more neat and easier to find what you need. Plastic lazy Susans are helpful in the refrigerator. I also love my McKenzie-Childs Royal Check Enamel tray on my kitchen table.

Stair Baskets

I’m a big fan of having baskets around the house to help things along their way to where they belong. I have a basket by my garage door for things on their way to my car, the tool box, or for donation. I have bins in our closets for items that need to be mended, donated, handed down, or recycled. But my favorite bin of all, is the stair basket. If you have stairs in your home, you likely find yourself with a pile of things at the bottom of the stairs. The stair basket is the perfect way to house those items neatly until the next time you head upstairs. If you have a lot of items, you can just carry the whole basket.

The Container Store Plastic Storage Bin

I especially love these transparent bins because they make it easier to find what you need. They also come in 3 different sizes. Open bins are great for grabbing things quickly.

The Container Store Multipurpose Bins

My favorite use for these bins is for pantry staples but I’ve also used them for yoga gear.

The Container Store Our Shoe Box

The Container Store shoe boxes are a slam dunk at my house and I don’t even use them for shoes. My young children love picking a box with a toy or game in it but they need help to open it so it helps keep things under control. They are stackable and come in a variety of sizes. 

Command Hooks

I love Command Hooks for temporary holiday decorations but also for the inside of closets or for hanging lightweight art. I used command hooks to make a place for my children to hang their robes at their height but it’s nice to know that as they grow, I can easily move the hooks without damaging surfaces in my home.

Command Holders

Command Holders are an easy way to hold everything from brooms to sports equipment. It’s nice not to have to use a drill or a hammer.

Really Useful Box Ornament Organizing Storage

If you love decorating for the holidays, I can’t recommend this ornament organizing box with trays enough. It makes hanging and then dismantling my precious Christmas ornaments even more pleasurable.