Why shop for clothing when the perfect container or tool always fits?

The Container Store

The Container Store is my heaven. I especially love that their employees have a passion for what they do and love helping customers with unique challenges. Check out my favorite organizing tools from The Container Store.

Strosniders Hardware

If you live in the Bethesda, Maryland area, you must make a pilgrimage to Strosnider’s Hardware. Since 1953 they have been making hardware and garden supply shopping more fun. Anytime I step inside of a Strosniders, no less than 7 employees ask me if I need assistance. I became a total convert when I took my car key chain with a dead battery to Strosniders. Within 3 minutes of stepping inside, they had selected the right battery, opened the key chain, and installed said battery. That kind of service is impossible to find these days. I also love getting my knives sharpened there.