I’ve found that listening to podcasts pairs well with decluttering, exercise, and doing laundry. Here are a few of my favorites:

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Learn practical ways to get happier with my favorite happiness bully, New York Times bestselling author, Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Elizabeth Craft. The podcast aims to help you build a “happier, healthier, more creative, and more productive life.” I always come away feeling inspired by their practical advice on bringing more happiness into your life and overcoming common happiness stumbling blocks.

Happier in Hollywood

Elizabeth Craft and her television writing partner, Sarah Fain host a podcast about how to “be happier, healthier, saner, more creative, more successful, and more productive in a back-biting, superficial, chaotic, unpredictable, and fundamentally insane world” that is Los Angeles. It’s interesting to learn about the world of TV writing but I also find their advice helpful as a woman in business.

The Lazy Genius

New York Times bestselling author, Kendra Adachi teaches us how to “be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.” I always come away from each episode with a new way of looking at an everyday challenge.

A Thing or Two with Claire and Erica

Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur, founders of the (former) beloved e-commerce site Of a Kind and authors of Work Wife: The Power of Female Friendship to Drive Successful Businesses host a lifestyle podcast that looks at emerging trends. They have a reputation as “influential curators with a knack for spotting ‘the next big thing’ when it’s still a small thing.” I especially love their holiday gift guide episodes where they tackle impossible gift recipients.